What does TPP Actually Cover?

What Does TPP Actually Cover? By: Steve Craven Today, I want to give you an impression of just how wide-ranging the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement is.You can see the full agreement at go.wh.gov/TPPText and thorough summaries of each chapter at ustr.gov/sites/default/files/TPP-Chapter-Summaries.pdf. But just looking at the chapter titles will give you a good understanding of […]

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TPP: Clarity on the U.S. Timeline

TPP: Clarity on the U.S. Timelime By: Steve Craven I verbally described the timeline for U.S. ratification of the Trans Pacific Partnership in an earlier post. The Trade Promotion Authority bill that was passed last June lays out the requirements, but is not easy to follow. So I was pleased to see a graphical timeline […]

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East Meets West Conference

Learn the tools and know how to help your startup tap into new emerging markets. Meet investors, like-minded entrepreneurs, and new partners at East Meets West Conference, an annual event dedicated to building bridges to startup communities across the Pacific. More information at http://eastmeetswest.co/ 

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Country Commercial Guides: Your Starting Point for Global Success

  Country Commercial Guides: Your Starting Point for Global Success Streamlined Export Tool Puts US Business on the Front Line of Market Research With more than 95% of the worlds consumers outside of the United States, area businesses and US companies—particularly small and medium-sizes firs—now have a new, streamlined export tool at their fingers to […]

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