Business of Exporting Program

by | Nov 18, 2014 | Articles

The application period for the Business of Exporting program has ended as of 10/3/2014. For more information, please email Mike Sacharski at

Open to All Companies

Within U.S. Small Business Administration Size Standards
Up to 1,500 employees and annual revenue of $40 million for some categories and open to all companies within U.S. Small Business Administration size standards up to 1,500 employees with annual revenue of $40 million for some categories

  • State-wide, all islands
  • All sizes of operations and revenue
  • All industries: manufacturing and service providers
  • All levels of export expertise: veterans – recent entrants – ready to export
  • Targeting company chiefs: founders – presidents – managing directors
  • 15 companies will be selected for the program —- Why not yours?
  • All applicants should be profitable in at least one of the past three years
  • All companies must be committed to creating a culture of success

The Business of Exporting is a unique nine-month program from October 2014 through May 2015 that looks at how Hawaii companies who export can capture and maintain profit growth

The program analyzes the impact exporting abroad places on a company’s fundamental business processes at home and how the resultant effect can be managed for profit accumulation and overall growth of the company.

The program’s curriculum is predicated on the principle that your company is run as a profit center. There are factors that squeeze your profit center. To the degree you can manage these forces more capably you reduce the pressure on your company’s profit pool and retain a deeper pool. Read More

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