Exporting of Services

Service providers, such as architects, consultants, and engineering firms, have different needs when it comes to exporting their services. In this seminar, we cover the basics of selling your services in foreign countries. Register to attend the event. Register for the live webinar.  

HiSTEP 2019: Export University 101

A comprehensive training seminar that will help you learn the nuts and bolts of exporting while developing a global strategy for your business. Register to attend in person or to join the live webinar.


HiSTEP 2019: Protecting Your Brand When Exporting

Learn how to protect your business’s intellectual property, and how to leverage international agreements to protect your IP around the world. Speakers are two extremely knowledgable IP attorneys: Seth Reis and Martin Hsia

HiSTEP seminar: Marketing in Korea

This seminar was originally scheduled for February 2019, however, the US government shutdown caused us to reschedule. Korea is the second largest export market in Asia for Hawaii products and is growing. Likewise, visitors to the islands from Korea increases year-on-year. In this seminar, we will introduce the fundamentals of marketing to this important export […]


HiSTEP 2022: Logistics for Hawaii Exporters

Shipping products to customers in foreign markets is perhaps the most complicated and expensive part of exporting from Hawaii. Many of our local companies do not consider this extremely important step before they start selling in a foreign market, and hard earned profits can be easily erased by mistakes in logistics. This webinar will introduce […]