Free Export Counseling

Export Counseling is an important service offered by the Hawaii Export Assistance Center to Hawaiian and Pacific companies that are exploring international markets. The ability to pick up the phone and call a Trade Specialist at our Honolulu office is an extremely valuable resource. On a daily basis, Director, John Holman works with both seasoned exporters who are expanding their international presence and those who are working through the export process for the very first time. The U.S. Commercial Service’s mission is to “support U.S. commercial interests in the United States and help companies increase sales and market share around the world.”

Here are a few topics that the Hawaii Export Assistance Center can assist you with through export counseling.

  • Market Entry & Sales Strategy
  • International Marketing
  • International Shipping
  • Market Research Reports
  • Finding Contacts
  • Foreign Resources
  • Promoting Products in Foreign Markets
  • Export Finance Resources
  • Export Documentation
  • Inco terms 2000/Getting Paid
  • Foreign Import Requirements
  • Foreign Standards
  • Trade Agreements (WTO, NAFTA, etc.)
  • Foreign Investments
  • Foreign Tariffs/Taxes
  • U.S. Export Regulations

Please call us at 808-522-8041 or send an e-mail to John Holman:

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