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Find Foreign Buyers and Make International Sales

As a small U.S. business looking to export to foreign markets, finding international buyers doesn’t always come easy. Many businesses in the United States want to begin exporting consistently and profitably, but have trouble finding reliable and lucrative foreign buyers. Fortunately, the U.S. Commercial Service (CS) has released more Exporting Basics videos focused on the many resources available to help business owners identify, contact, and connect with buyers all over the world. The videos discuss the many ways to find foreign buyers, including: using local sales representatives, taking advantage of customized exporting services, attending trade shows or trade missions, and connecting through e-commerce.

Identifying the Best Sales Channels

One way to find foreign buyers and realize the full potential of your international sales is by working with a local sales representatives. Working with the right local sales agent, representative, or distributor can help to identify sales and marketing opportunities, manage local regulations, and handle logistics on the ground. Before entering an agreement, you should speak to an attorney about the country you are targeting. Your local U.S. Commercial Service office along with their colleagues at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate can work with you to find representation overseas. Watch Sales Channels to learn about the best approaches to selling internationally.

Take Advantage of Customized Services

One of the biggest concerns new exporters have is how to manage the various culture and language barriers of their foreign buyers. The U.S. Commercial Service is here to seamlessly ease the divide and help U.S. exporters find overseas buyers and export partners around the world. With exporting agents in 108 U.S. offices, CS can help you identify the best markets, industries and foreign buyers for your product or service. Identifying qualified international buyers or partners may not be as simple as finding customers down the street, but you don’t have to do it alone. Watch Customized Services, the 10th video in the Exporting Basics video series, to learn about the many resources available  that can help U.S. businesses find international buyers.

Attend a Trade Show

Attending or exhibiting your goods at an exporting trade show is a great way to meet potential partners and buyers. Many potential foreign buyers attend export trade shows here in the United States. By attending trade shows and exhibiting your product or service, you are able to find foreign buyers without the hassle of travelling internationally. The U.S. Commercial Service sends specialists to trade shows to gather market intelligence that can help match you with foreign buyers. Watch the Trade Show video to learn more about the great benefits of attending export trade shows near you.

Trade Missions

The best way to identify potential buyers in foreign nations is to visit the countries you’re targeting. One way to do this is through a trade mission. State and Federal government agencies sponsor trade missions all over the world. When travelling as a group, participants in the trade mission can create more business opportunity than they would if they were travelling alone. Trade missions are a way for U.S. companies interested in exporting to visit export markets and meet potential partners, local government officials, and others who can give first-hand insight on the business opportunities in the region. After the trade mission, the U.S. Commercial Service will help you follow up with your new contacts and maintain communication channels. Watch Trade Missions to learn more about finding foreign buyers through trade missions.

Cross-Border E-Commerce

There are many business opportunities available internationally through the internet, or cross-border e-commerce, to be exact. Cross-border e-commerce is how consumers buy goods and services online from businesses in other countries. Thanks to technological advances and changes in international trade laws, business owners can now consider people in foreign countries to be potential customers. The two main kinds of cross-border e-Commerce are business-to-business and business-to-consumer. A good way to sell internationally is through popular social media networks, advertising, and virtual stores. Many American business owners are now using a successful mix of these sales channels. To learn more about how to make cross-border e-commerce a part of your export strategy, watch the E-Commerce exporting video today!


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