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When it comes to exporting, U.S. companies don’t have to “go-it-alone,” there’s plenty of help available through the U.S. Commercial Service and its federal, state and local partners. The U.S. Commercial Service has a seamless network of trade professionals throughout the United States and “boots-on-the-ground” expertise around the world. Our services are both varied and wide-ranging. Our trade experts can help with export planning, navigating customs and documentation issues, locating pre-screened overseas buyers, finding the best markets for your product or service, leveraging trade shows, international market research, and more. To address other specific exporting needs, such as trade financing and risk mitigation, we work in partnership with agencies like U.S. Small Business Administration and U.S. Export-Import Bank. Learn more by viewing Export Counseling, the fifth of five videos in the Plan Your Market set.

After reviewing the video, get ready to take that next step. Our comprehensive U.S. Commercial Service video series and website addresses many of the issues relevant to your exporting needs. In addition, many new-to-export companies continue to reference A Basic Guide to Exporting as a valuable resource in mapping their export strategies. These are excellent steps in advance of contacting your nearest U.S. or overseas U.S. Commercial Service office. Each year, our trade experts assist thousands of companies in exporting goods and services worth billions of dollars. View some of our services below:

Export counseling                                              

  • Develop effective market entry and sales strategies.
  • Understand export documentation requirements and import regulations of foreign markets.
  • Navigate U.S. government export controls, compliance and trade financing options

Business Matchmaking

  • Connect with pre-screened potential partners.
  • Promote your product or service to prospective buyers at trade events worldwide.
  • Meet with international industry and government decision makers in your target markets

Market intelligence

  • Analyze market potential and foreign competitors.
  • Obtain useful information on best prospects, financing, laws, and cultural issues.
  • Conduct background checks on potential buyers and distributors.

Commercial Diplomacy

  • Overcome trade obstacles to successfully enter international markets.
  • Benefit from coordinated U.S. government engagement with foreign government to protect U.S. business interests.
  • Access U.S. government trade advocacy for your foreign government procurement bids.

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