HPEC Publishes the Hawaii Export Resource Guide

HPEC is proud to present our inaugural Hawaii Export Resource Guide!

The introduction to the guide is below:


Welcome to the Hawaii Export Resource Guide! The intent of the guide is to
support your efforts to profitably and successfully export from Hawaii to new
foreign markets. This report includes some of the resources and the steps you need
to take along the way to become a profitable exporter.

Our goal is to make the process of exporting from Hawaii easier for you. We do
this by setting out the basic information that export businesses operating in
Hawaii need to know, and by providing contact information of professionals and
industry specialists that can help you expand and grow your export business.

With proper planning, the appropriate level of investment, and access to these
resources, we believe that you will have the foundation for a bright and
prosperous future by exporting from Hawaii.


Click here for the Hawaii Export Resource Guide and feel free to download it for offline reading. Contact HPEC for advice and mentoring regarding your export plan.