Trade Missions

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The U.S. Commercial Service offers a unique way for U.S. companies to find international buyers – through trade missions. Watch the video and discover the benefits!

Trade Missions
The U.S. Department of Commerce organizes or supports numerous trade missions each year. The missions involve travel to foreign countries by U.S. companies and U.S. Department of Commerce employees, sometimes led by a senior official such as the secretary or under secretary. Participants meet face to face with pre-screened international business people in the market they travel to. Trade missions save U.S. companies time and money by allowing them to maximize contact with qualified distributors, sales representatives, or partners. U.S. Commercial Service missions are industry specific and target two to four countries per trip. U.S. Commercial Service specialists abroad will pre-screen contacts, arrange business appointments, and coordinate logistics in advance.

This preparatory effort is followed up by a 1-week trip by representatives of the U.S. company to personally meet with the new prospects. The “buzz” generated by missions can help build brands and enhance credibility in the country market.

Face-to-face meetings, especially when facilitated by senior U.S. government officials, can make a huge impression with foreign buyers.